2018 Toyota Rav 4 Has Arrived!

After a six-month waiting period, a new 2018 Toyota Rav 4 arrived at our seminary yesterday!  This gift was purchased for the seminary by St. Peter Claver Seminary's good friends and supporters in Great Falls and McLean, Virginia and other parts of the USA.  We are deeply grateful for their assistance!  The Rector of our seminary will use this car for his work on behalf of our 117 seminarians studying at St. Peter Claver Major Seminary.  It is a true blessing for which we thank God and His friends in the USA!

Why a new car?

In October 2015, the former Rector of St. Peter Claver Major Seminary was on his way to a conference in the nation's capital Ouagadougou -- a six hour drive from Koumi -- when his car flipped due to bad road conditions.  The car was completely totaled.  Thank God the Rector was unharmed!  A villager on his bike helped Father to extricate himself from the car and retrieve his books and files.